Booster Club News

Dropstar Donations

We LOVE our coaching staff at KC Cheer, and we love to let them know how much we appreciate them. This year, instead of individual teams giving coaches gifts around their birthdays or the end of the season, we will be trying something new called Drop Star Donations.

Starting on July 24, there will be collection bins in both the main gym and the arena. During this time, make donations to the box that will go to coach appreciation throughout the season. It's important that you take this time to make your donations, because teams will not be able to collect money on their own for coaches gifts throughout the season. All of the money collected during this time period will be split evenly among the allstar coaches (Flippers, Fiercelings, Feisty, Flash, Fuel, Force, Fiesta, Fame, Flawless, Finesse, Fortune, Fresh, Fearless, Fierce 5) and put toward "appreciation" type gifts/treats/etc throughout the year. 

If you love your coaches we strongly suggest you make sure to donate to dropstar donations!