Team Tumbling Registration

Below you will find the link to the team tumbling registration page, which is part of your Athlete Portal (Jackrabbit) account. Team tumbling is included in your monthly tuition. You will need to go to the Athlete Portal to register for your team tumbling class.

Each team is REQUIRED to take the class that matches their team level (i.e., Flawless members must take one of the Level 3 team tumbling classes). You only have to enroll in one class for your level. If an athlete wants to take a higher level class, they must do so recreationally in addition to mandatory team tumbling.

Flippers and Fiercelings are not required to take team tumbling.

Teams should enroll in the class listed below:

  • Flash: Level 1

  • Fuel and Force: Level 2

  • Fiesta and Flawless: Level 3

  • Fortune and Finesse: Level 4

  • Fresh: Level 5 & 6

  • Fierce 5 and Fearless: Level 5 & 6

Current Team Tumbling classes will end on August 18th. Fall Team Tumbling classes will begin on August 19th with the start of the Fall Team Practice schedule. Each athlete will be dropped from their current Team Tumbling class and will need to be enrolled in a Fall Team Tumbling class.

Register for Team Tumbling