Here you will find an overview for upcoming competition travel. Athletes and parents can find itineraries for competition weekends (practice times, performance times, etc.) in the Competition Information Section

Travel FAQ

What is covered in my athlete's travel payments?  

All competition entry fees, hotel room space, one bus seat and coaches' expenses.

What expenses do the athletes pay on behalf of the coaches?  

Hotel room space, bus seat and meal per diem.

Is my athlete allowed to ride to out of town competitions with family?

 No.  All athletes must ride the team bus to each out of town competition.  The only exception being trips to Atlanta & Orlando, where parents are responsible for purchasing airline tickets.  There are no "team flights" to these competitions.

Can I make my own hotel reservations at the hotel of my choice?

Parents can stay at the hotel of their choice.  However, every athlete MUST stay at the team hotel.  If athletes travel alone, they will be housed with a parent and other athletes in their room.  Every athlete is placed in a room with an adult.

How can I be sure to get a room in the KC Cheer room block?  

Family reservation forms will be emailed for each out of town competition to the team members competing at that site.  Parents must complete the reservation form and return it to Mary Lewis, with payment, by the due date on the form.  Parents who do not return a reservation form and payment may not be included in the room block if we fill up.  Changes to your reservation will not be accepted within 10 days of the check-in date.  

Will my cheerleader have space in the hotel if I forget to return my reservation form?

Yes.  The cheerleaders are always given priority in the hotel room, regardless of the parent's participation.

Is my cheerleader required to ride the team bus back home after the competition?  

No.  The cheerleaders are required to stay at every competition until the last KC Cheer performance, but they are not required to ride the bus home.  We only ask that you notify your team parent that your athlete will not be on the bus home.

Are meals for my athlete included in the travel payments?  

No.  Meals are not included.  If your athlete is traveling alone make sure they have enough money for three meals/day.