KC Cheer's Cheer Prep program offers partial season cheerleading for those who are new to the sport or would like a smaller time commitment. We offer Cheer Prep teams for all ages. 

Cheer prep teams practice once a week for two hours from October through April. They perform at 4-5 competitions in the Kansas City area. 

2017-2018 Cheer Prep Evaluation Information

Our Cheer Prep program is a great way to introduce new athletes to the sport and provide an option that is a bit of a lower commitment than our allstar program. Allstar families, please pass this information along to anyone you think might be interested in joining the KC Cheer family through Cheer Prep!

We're excited to start our 2017-2018 Cheer Prep season at KC Cheer.  Athlete evaluations and an informational parent meeting will take place in June.  A second parent meeting and athlete evaluation will take place in late August/early September, prior to the start of our season on October 1st.

June Parent Meetings

Monday, June 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the Arena

Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 p.m.  in the Arena

August Parent Meeting

Monday, August 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Arena

We will be holding our first Cheer Prep informational parent meetings and athlete evaluations in June. Athletes choosing to participate through the summer can take advantage of tumbling class discounts by registering in June. The dates for parent meetings are listed here, and there will be additional meetings closer to the season start date of October 1.

Sign up for one of the parent meetings by clicking this link or on our class page.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

If the season doesn't start until october, why are signups in june?

June sign ups will give us an idea of how many athletes will join our teams for the fall season.  It will also give members the opportunity to participate in any of our recreational tumbling classes for the discounted team member price throughout the summer.  

Do we have to sign up in june?

It is not mandatory that you sign up in June, but it is highly recommended.  There is no financial or time commitment until mid-September and you can change your mind about joining the team without penalty this summer.

What benefits will my child get by signing up in june instead of waiting until August?

The benefits you will receive go beyond the discounted tumbling classes and classes offered specifically for Cheer Prep.  Your athlete will begin to feel part of our cheer family and more familiar with our facilities and staff.