Competition Information

Here is where you will find all of the information regarding competitions (schedules, extra practice times, travel information) 

2017-2018 Event Details

General Reminders

Competition Day information will not be sent out more than a few days prior to the competition.  Final schedules are not sent to us until the Wednesday prior to any competition. Please do not ask your team moms or coaches for information prior to this time.

Things to keep in mind for competition season:

  • Practices within 2 weeks of any competition are Mandatory.  Extra practices may be called if your team is requiring additional work. Excessive absences will not be tolerated.
  • WE WILL have normal practices on the Sunday following Thanksgiving
  • Teams traveling to UCA may NOT leave until Thursday before the competition

Please remember that competition season can be a very fun time if we keep it all in perspective!  The Cheerleaders are working hard at each practice and putting in the work to do their best!  Parents - PLEASE be your Cheerleaders biggest supporters!  A positive attitude from you will go a long way to keep your cheerleader motivated and strong during a stressful time!