Parent Information FAQs

KC Cheer would like to give some advice in light of this time of year, with postseason competitions, tryouts and parent meetings. We are so proud to be one of the most successful competitive cheerleading programs in the world. Our years of experience and operation have continued to prove successful in both instruction and business operation. There are many gyms that have tried to model after the quality of our product in Kansas City and we take pride in the way we run our business. As you begin your child's cheerleading career, here are a few things to keep in mind as you go through this process of team selection and tryout meetings. We will answer these questions and any others at our parent meetings.

  1. Are the coaches of the program trained, credentialed, and experienced in the training and supervision of children?
  2. Allstar Cheerleading is a financial investment for your child with associated expenses for things like clothing, uniforms, travel, tuition, choreography, etc. Are these fees listed and explained in all published materials, as well as which fees are mandatory and which are optional?
  3. Does the program you are joining have requirements for athlete participation in various competitions? Some programs (like ours) will require for your athlete to stay at their designated hotels and book through their travel companies for out of town competitions.
  4. What is the practice schedule for your child? Be sure to understand the required commitment it will take to be involved and participate in an internationally-ranked program. Practice attendance is mandatory for most commitments even outside of cheerleading. 
  5. Is the gym with which you are involved making a profit from travel charges to your athlete? Be sure to understand how hotel, bus and competition expenses are paid for.
  6. Are you aware of who is operating various fundraising programs and booster club involvement. Is your Booster Club a 501(C) 3 and a separate organization that supports the members of the program?

At KC Cheer, we have successfully operated as an A+ Business in Kansas City for 18 years and will continue to bring great success to our city, state and country. We are looking forward to the 2017-2018 season and welcome any and all parents to thoroughly read our website where we provide most of our paperwork and information, raise questions at the parent meeting or to come meet with us or contact us personally to talk about your child’s involvement in our world class program. We are happy to answer all of these questions and many more at our parent informational meeting. We hope you will join us May 9th at 6:00 p.m. in the arena.