May Practice Group Announcements

Parents and Cheerleaders,

Below you will find the May practice times for the 2016-2017 season. Please note that there will be many changes made at the staff’s discretion during the month of May as we try to assemble the strongest teams possible. During the month of May, cheerleaders may be asked to attend various practices if the staff feels the cheerleader’s skills are better suited for a different practice group. We feel confident that we hold a thorough evaluation process in which we are able to form the best possible teams and provide a positive experience for each cheerleader.

If you are not on this list it is either because you did not pay the registration fee and/or were not present at evaluations. Please contact us to resolve this issue.

All athletes who are members of teams competing with KC Cheer at Worlds or The Summit and did not participate in tryout evaluations are listed in the level they competed with in the postseason (i.e., if you’re on Frost right now, you’re in the Level 3 group for now). Athletes will be re-distributed accordingly based on evaluation at the first May practice.

Contract signing is April 27. All paperwork and payment arrangements must be complete prior to participation in any May practices.

Click on each level to view the list and practice times.