Cheersport Kansas City

We're getting ready to wrap up our season at KC Cheer.  All teams will be competing at Cheersport Kansas City Championships on March 25, 2017. The event is held at The Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City. 

Admission for spectators is $10, CASH ONLY. Children 10 and under are free. A complete list of performance times and venue information can be found on the Cheersport website.

General Reminders

It is so important that all athletes are on time. These competitions will not hold our practice times, so if we are without someone at check-in, we lose our chance to warm up and practice.

It is required that all athletes be at all KC Cheer performances to cheer loudly for all our teams. Please pay close attention to the schedules below to make sure you are in the arena at all of the listed performance times. It is unacceptable to miss a performance because you're eating a meal or getting ready to meet your coach (hair and makeup). All of these activities can and should be planned around performance times.

It is super exciting to be competing against teams from all over the country right here in our city. Remember to show great sportsmanship (cheerleaders AND parents), and hospitality so teams want to return to KC for future competitions.

Arrival Times

Teams should be at the convention center no later than 1:30 to watch the first team perform. If your team is listed below with a meet time earlier than 1:30, you should be there for that listed time. Teams should plan to meet their coach in the main entrance of the convention center.  Coaches will instruct team parents on where parents can meet their cheerleader following each performance.  Please be sure you are dressed and ready at the time you meet your coach.  This means hair done, lipstick and make-up done, and give all belongings to a parent or someone that can hold them until you are finished.  


Teams should be dressed in red gym tank top and black pants or warm ups when not in uniform. Remember that you must always have your tank top or warm up jacket on to cover your midriff if you are not in the practice room or performing. Everyone will wear the white bow.


Listed below are the times to be dressed and ready to meet your coaches. It is very important that everyone is dressed and entirely ready at the times listed below. 

UPDATED AS OF 3/24/2017 at 12:00 noon

Team Meet Coach Warm Up Perform Awards
Fiercelings 12:00 12:55 1:40 4:20
Fever 12:45 1:19 2:04 4:20
Flippers 12:45 1:23 2:08 4:20
Fierce 1 Prep 1:15 1:47 2:32 4:20
Force 1:30 2:11 2:56 4:20
Too Fierce Prep 1:50 2:31 3:16 4:20
Fiesta 2:30 3:07 3:52 6:48
Fame 2:45 3:23 4:08 6:48
Fierce 5 2:45 3:27 4:12 6:48
First Ladies 3:30 4:07 4:52 6:48
Flawless 3:30 4:11 4:56 6:48
Fortune 4:00 4:43 5:28 6:48
Fantasy 4:30 5:11 5:56 6:48
Ferocious 4:45 5:19 6:04 6:48
Fearless 4:50 5:35 6:20 6:48


There will be 2 awards ceremonies for our teams as each session finishes. Everyone must be in full uniform when they go to their awards ceremony. This means no backpacks, no warm ups, no shoes other than cheer shoes. You should look exactly as you look when you take the mat. FULL. UNIFORM.

All teams must stay until 6:20 to watch Fearless, but if your awards ceremony has already happened, you may leave after Fearless goes. Flippers and Fiercelings may leave after their awards ceremony at 4:20.