ASC Central Nationals 2018

We're excited to continue our season at ASC Central Nationals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Below you will find many travel details and guidelines for the upcoming weekend. Please read it carefully, and remember that the cheerleaders are expected to be where they are supposed to be on time and ready to go.

Parents, get in the Pro Shop and get your Spirit wear!  Let’s not let anyone outshine our gym spirit!

The competition is held at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City.  We are staying at the Renaissance Hotel, the Courtyard Marriott and the Residence Inn Downton.

If you have traveled with us before the same rules and expectations apply. If this is your first trip, we have included them below. 

Our main goals for this weekend are for cheerleaders to perform to the very best of your ability, and you support all KC Cheer teams by cheering them on at each performance. We also ask that you conduct yourselves in a responsible and respectable manner. We'd also like for our parents to help us monitor our athletes this weekend. Please give them support and guidance when they need it. Bring your loud voices, noise makers and KC Cheer spirit to each and every performance. 

Before we go


  • You are representing KC Cheer! Please be considerate of others in the hotel, show great sportsmanship on and off the floor and follow all curfew rules.

  • KC Cheer team members are required to be at all KC Cheer performances. No exceptions. The venue in Oklahoma City makes it very easy for us to see if there are people in the crowd, and we want to have a large crowd for each team! Staff will take attendance randomly throughout the day. Schedules are all listed below for you to reference all weekend. We suggest screenshotting them so you have them in your phone

  • No swimming is allowed during the competition. If you are staying Sunday night and choose to swim after all competition is complete, that is fine.

  • This is not a vacation. Remember that you are here to compete. That means your first priority is your team, your gym and all performances and practices that go with being part of this group.

  • Do not make plans that will interfere with any practice or performance.

  • All cheerleaders should make sure they have their phones with them as team parents will be sending text messages to notify people of last minute instructions.

  • Please do not allow your child to travel between the hotel and arena alone.

  • KC Cheer has a team room in the convention center. We will show you that room on Friday evening. Please understand that teams will be using this room throughout the weekend for a meeting place and any practices we may need. Do not leave your valuables in this room, as it will not be locked.

The Bus

  • Open containers are not allowed on the bus. All drinks must have a lid.

  • You must share seats on the bus. (Unless you paid for a double seat)

  • Please remember the four seats in the first row of the bus are reserved for the coaches

  • Cheerleaders should wear comfortable clothes on the bus.

  • The buses are equipped with TVs for movies. Please make sure your movies are age appropriate.

  • Cheerleaders are to ride their team buses. If you have cheerleaders on more than one team please inform the coach which bus your cheerleader will be riding if you want them to ride together. Cheerleaders 5th grade and under are required to have a parent with them on the bus.

  • If you are going to make different arrangements to get home from Oklahoma City, please inform the person who is in charge of your bus before Sunday night.

  • Cheerleaders must clean up after themselves. If a bus is left dirty, the team responsible will condition at practice in the future!

  • Do not leave items on the bus, as they may not be there on Sunday when you get back on.


Please see below for a list of things you'll need for this weekend. Athletes are required to be in the designated attire for that day, so it is important you pack all of the items on this list.

Oklahoma City Packing List

  • Uniform

  • Worlds Teams—Both Uniforms & Bows

  • Socks

  • Cheer shoes

  • Makeup

  • Hair spray

  • Black 20 Year Gym Tank (if you don’t have one, buy one)

  • Team Jersey

  • Bow with Tails (Saturday)

  • White Tail-less Bow (Sunday)

  • Retro Practice Wear

  • Black pants/leggings

  • Warm Up jacket & pants or black leggings

  • Hair clips

  • Straightener/curling iron

  • Medications (if needed)

  • Pillow and blanket for the bus

  • Snacks for the bus

  • Cell phones/chargers

  • Money for meals


  • All cheerleaders should wear the outfits outlined for each day when not in competition uniform during our stay in OKC. Do not leave your hotel room in a sports bra and spandex.

  • Cheerleaders are always allowed to be in warmup jackets and black pants or warmup pants when at competitions.

  • The gym tank top is an item that every cheerleader must have. All cheerleaders were given one. If you lost yours you need to purchase a new one, because it is required attire for the weekend.

  • Cheerleaders must be dressed in gym tank and black pants or warmup when not in uniform. No PJ pants, jeans or other street clothes!

  • Cheerleaders must be in full uniform for awards ceremonies. They will not be allowed on stage if they are not in full uniform.

Friday, December 7



  • All athletes are required to ride the bus to Oklahoma City. The buses will leave from the KC Cheer parking lot.  Please be on the bus by 10:45 a.m. so that we can leave promptly at 11:00 a.m. Please carpool or drop off your cheerleader at the gym so that we have enough parking spots. Do NOT Park in front of any other businesses.

  • We will not stop between KC and Oklahoma City, please bring snacks & drinks on the bus with you. The only stops will be for drivers breaks. Cheerleaders are NOT allowed off the bus at drivers breaks.

  • When we arrive in Oklahoma City each bus will stop at every hotel. The bus driver should instruct you which bin to put your under-the-bus luggage when you load the buses in Lenexa to expedite your departure in Oklahoma City.

  • Dinner is on your own on Friday night.

  • All cheerleaders are to be in there room by 10:30 p.m. and lights out no later than 11:00 p.m.

    The KC Cheer staff and parents will be patrolling each hotels to enforce this curfew. There will be serious consequences for anyone found outside of their rooms past curfew. We have had to use these punishments before and have no problem using them again. You're here to do a job, and we need all athletes to be well-rested for the long days ahead.

Saturday, December 8


Athletes will be expected to walk to the Convention Center to meet their coaches on their own. We will not be meeting as a group since we are all in different hotels. Be sure you allow yourself plenty of time. Bring whatever you need for the entire day, there isn’t time between performances to go back to the hotel.

UPDATE: Finesse & Fortune will meet their coaches, dressed and ready, at the Convention Center at 11:45 & 12:05, respectively. All other teams will meet at the Convention Center at 12:25. The bus will be at the Residence Inn at 12:00noon for anyone staying there to go to the Convention Center.

Everyone must be at the Convention Center in time to see the first team perform at 1:25 p. m., so that means even if you don’t compete until 5 or 6 you MUST be at the Convention Center with everything you need for the day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Admission tickets for spectators are CASH ONLY. A one day pass is $20, the weekend pass is $35.

The schedule for Saturday is as follows (for a complete performance order go to  Teams should be dressed and ready when they meet their coaches at the Convention Center. Please meet at the front entrance of the competition area, in front of the entrance to the Arena.

Saturday Performance Schedule

Team Meet Practice Perform
Finesse 11:45 a.m. 12:25 1:25
Fortune 12:05 12:50 1:50
Fresh 1:00 1:44 2:44
Fireball 1:45 2:32 3:32
Fearless 2:15 3:04 4:04
Force 2:30 3:16 4:16
Fierce Five 2:45 3:28 4:28
Fiesta 3:45 4:36 5:36
Fame 4:15 5:00 6:00
Flawless 5:15 6:00 7:00

KC Cheer Fireball is competing in a new division this season and will be doing a cheer that requires crowd involvement. Please learn the words below so that you can help them out!

K C Cheer


K C Cheer


K C Cheer


Kansas City taking the World

Team By Team

We Will Fight

Come on Crowd Yell It Loud

Red, Black & White

Red, Black & White

Red, Black & White

Let’s Go Balls!


We will have a gym meeting at 6:45 in our Team Room (if we have one) or Hallway at the Convention Center to review the day and give instructions for Sunday.  All teams will have practices following this meeting, unless they practiced earlier in the day.

Sunday, December 9


Here is the Schedule for Sunday’s performances. Please check your email and messages from your team mom regarding this morning’s times for loading the bus with your luggage.

Team Meet Practice Perform Awards
Finesse 8:30 8:55 9:55 10:50
Fortune 8:45 9:20 10:20 10:50
Fresh 10:40 11:12 12:12 2:30
Force 12:00 12:36 1:36 2:30
Fearless 12:00 12:48 1:48 2:30
Fierce 5 11:30 12:56 1:56 2:30
Fireball 12:45 1:20 2:20 2:30
Fiesta 2:45 3:26 4:26 5:45
Fame 2:45 3:34 4:34 5:45
Flawless 3:45 4:30 5:30 5:45

  • We will load buses immediately following the last award ceremony, which begins at 5:45 pm.  Please be sure you have something to eat to bring on the bus with you.  We may make a quick stop on the way home, but it will be a 30 minute stop.

We are looking forward to a great trip!  The teams have been practicing hard and are ready to compete!