NCA All-Star Nationals 2018

We're excited to continue Nationals season with NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas, Texas! This is a huge competition full of outstanding teams and it is a ton of fun. We are very excited for our teams to compete with some of the best in the nation. Below you will find many travel details and guidelines for the upcoming weekend. Please have this information handy to refer to throughout the weekend.

The competition will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas. Please click here to view the event’s spectator packet that includes information on ticket prices, parking and other helpful information. The competition will also be covered at 

KC Cheer has a team room in the convention center. The room number is C149. Teams will be using this room throughout the weekend for a meeting place and any practices we may need. Do not leave your valuables in this room, as it will not be locked.

We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency North Dallas, which is located at 701 East Campbell Road in Richardson, Texas. It is 16 miles from the Convention Center, which is about a 30 minute drive. We will be using the buses to shuttle teams and parents back and forth throughout the weekend. It is imperative that all athletes are on time, as it takes a while to get from one place to another. (especially with Dallas traffic)

As you may know, this competition spans the course of three days rather than just two. Frost will compete on Friday and Saturday. All other teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday. The itineraries are separated out below as such in order to provide consolidated information for each team.

Please read all information below regarding any questions about gym policies and expectations. They are the same as they have been all season, but we've included them in case you need a refresher :) We have moved the Master Schedule closer to the top of the page for easy access.

Master KC Cheer Performance Schedule

We will not know the performance times for each team’s 2nd day until we know placements after Day 1. For this reason, we will be presenting the schedule table differently for this event. Please refer to the KC Cheer Master Performance Schedule by clicking on that link, which will be updated in real time all weekend as we learn times.

Youth Itinerary (Frost)

Junior/Senior Itinerary (Everyone Else)


Since we’re competing on different days, all teams will wear the same thing on THEIR day one and day 2, regardless of what day of the weekend that is. This means sometimes you might see an athlete in a different outfit than yours, and that's okay!

Day 1: Gray Team Tank and Black Pants, White Bow

Day 2: Red Spirit Jersey, Red Bow



  • You are representing KC Cheer! Please be considerate of others in the hotel, show great sportsmanship on and off the floor and follow all curfew rules.

  • No swimming is allowed during the competition.

  • This is not a vacation. Remember that you are here to compete. That means your first priority is your team, your gym and all performances and practices that go with being part of this group. Do not make plans that will interfere with any practice or performance.

  • All cheerleaders should make sure they have their phones with them as team parents will be sending text messages to notify people of last minute instructions. At a competition this large, it's important to be in constant communication.


  • Open containers are not allowed on the bus. All drinks must have a lid.

  • You must share seats on the bus. (Unless you paid for a double seat) 

  • Please remember the four seats in the first row of the bus are reserved for the coaches

  • Cheerleaders should wear comfortable clothes on the bus. They may wear slippers on the bus, but must have real shoes to change in to for lunch time.

  • Absolutely no switching buses halfway through a trip. 

  • If you are going to make different arrangements to get home from Dallas, please inform the person who is in charge of your bus before you leave.

  • Cheerleaders must clean up after themselves. If a bus is left dirty, the team responsible will condition at practice in the future!


 Please see below for a list of things you'll need for this weekend. Athletes are required to be in the designated attire for that day, so it is important you pack all of the items on this list.

NCA Allstar Nationals Nationals Packing List

  • Uniform top & Uniform bottom

  • Socks & Cheer shoes

  • Makeup

  • Hair spray

  • Red Bow & White Bow

  • Both sets of Practice Wear

  • KC Cheer warmup (black pants or black leggings if you don't have a warmup)

  • KC Cheer team t-shirt

  • KC Cheer red tank

  • Hair clips

  • Straightener/curling iron

  • Medications (if needed)

  • Pillow and blanket for the bus

  • Snacks for the bus

  • Cell phones/chargers

  • Money for meals

Dress code Reminders

  • All cheerleaders should wear the outfits outlined for each day when not in competition uniform. Do not leave your hotel room in a sports bra and spandex. 

  • Cheerleaders are always allowed to be in warmup jackets and black pants or warmup pants when at competitions.

  • The gym shirt is an item that every cheerleader must have. All cheerleaders were given one. If you lost yours you need to purchase a new one, because it is required attire for the weekend.

  • Cheerleaders must be dressed in gym shirt and black pants or warmup when not in uniform. No PJ pants, jeans or other street clothes!

  • Cheerleaders must be in full uniform for awards ceremonies. They will not be allowed on stage if they are not in full uniform.